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  • "Taxi" / Comedy / Sami Naceri / Subtitled / M
  • "Les Miserables" Part I, II, III / Drama / Gerard Depardieu & Christian Clavier / Subtitled / PG



13/10 at 09:50 pm

This documentary presents the life of controversial French writer, painter and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. Gay, witty, opium smoking Cocteau was the author of Les Enfants Terrible and La Belle et La Bête and one of the most influential French writers of the twenties and thirties. Cocteau discusses his ideas and his contemporaries who included Picasso and the Surrealists. (In French, English subtitles) M
Benoit Jacquots elegant and delicate take on contemporary sexual mores is based on a novel by Yukio Mishima. Isabelle Huppert plays a successful 40-ish designer who picks up a much younger bartender (Vincent Martinez) during a night on the town. Mesmerised by his looks and heedless of his reputation for playing the field (with both genders), she invites him to move in, but disaster strikes when on a trip to Morocco the couple meets the young daughter of some friends. (In French, English subtitles). (1998) MA
30/10 at 12:30 pm MOVIE MATINEE COMEDY - JET SET
In order to save his bar, situated on the outskirts of Paris, from bankruptcy, owner Jimmy hits on the idea of attracting the jet set to the premises. With this in mind, he asks Mike, a good looking out of work comedian, to ferret out the all-important VIP addresses, but to mix in such exalted circles will involve more than Mike bargained for! Directed by Fabien Onteniente, and starring Bruno Solo, Samuel Le Bihan, with a wonderful performance by Lambert Wilson. (In French, English subtitles). (2000) M

01/11 at 12:40 am MOVIE - PLACE VENDÔME
A stunning performance by Catherine Deneuve in this elaborate and elegant thriller which gained her acting honours at the Venice Film Festival for her role as a depressed, alcoholic widow in Nicole Garcias thriller in which she reclaims her own destiny while trying to dispose of stolen gems. With Jean-Pierre Bacri and Emmanuelle Seigner. (From France, in English and French, English subtitles). (1998) M

Grand Prize winner at Cannes in 1973, and said to have been inspired by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, this bizarre and haunting animated feature by Roland Topor and René Laloux focuses on the Oms, a race of humans who originate from Earth and live on a planet dominated by the Traags, blue giants who treat them as pets. (In French, English subtitles). (1973) G


11/10 at 10.35 AM & 6.45 PM | French Twist - Comedy 1994 France (MA asl)
A sexy housewife plots a sweet revenge on her philandering husband.

11/10 at 3.35 PM &  1.20 AM | Maelstrom - Drama 2000 Canada in French-Canadian (MA asn)
Narrated by a talking fish, a whimsical and offbeat tale about a young woman having the worst week of her life.
12/10 at 8.10 AM & 6.50 PM | Heaven - Comedy 1999 Canada in French-Canadian (M asl)
A cheeky and irreverent look at the prayers and preoccupations of a dying man.
12/10 at 0.15 AM | Taxi - Action 1998 France (M sld)
The French box-office smash, written by acclaimed director Luc Besson in just 30 days, tells the story of a speed-crazy taxi driver who joins forces with an unlucky cop in this stylish fast-paced action flick. 
20/10 at 3.20 AM | Totally Flaky - Drama 2000 France (M asl)
Two girls, a guy and a hotel room in this cool youthful relationship drama. 
21/10 at4.45 PM | Winter Stories - Drama 1999 Canada in French-Canadian (PG)
Set in the 1960's, the sweet story of a 12-year-old boy obsessed with Montreal's ice hockey team. 
21/10 at 1.20 AM | The Secret - Drama 2000 France (R asn)
A happily married mother forsakes everything when she becomes consumed by an obsessive affair.
22/10 at 5.15 PM | Night Shift - Drama 200 2001 France (MA aln)
Conflict between two factory workers on the night shift soon escalates into a psychological drama of merciless bullying and confusion.
22/10 at 8.30 PM | MAIN FEATURE
  | Bellyful (Premiere) - Comedy 2000 France (TBC)
A biting social satire about race relations and soiled reputations in 1960's Paris.
22/10 at 10.20 PM | DOUBLE BILL
  | Antilles Sur Seine - Comedy 2000 France (M l)
A kidnapping starts the ball rolling in this feel-good comedy about race relations in Paris.
26/10 at 5.20 PM | Paris: XY - Drama 200 2001 France (M al)
When his wife leaves him, Max is convinced he's blameless - but is he? 
26/10 at 10.40 PM | Harry, He's Here To Help - Drama 2000 France (M av)
Nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes, an Hitchcockian thriller about a family on the holiday from hell, and the man who believes he can make it better for them all.
28/10 at 2.10 PM | Martha... Martha - Drama 200 2001 France (MA anv)
In this bleak depiction of family life, a young woman with a dark secret seems bent on ruining her life. 
29/10 at 10.05 PM | DOUBLE BILL
  | Kennedy And Me - Drama 2000 France (M al)
A 40-something novelist is going through a mid-life crisis, and believes a watch that belonged to JFK holds the key to his happiness. 
29/10 at 1.30 AM | The Squale - Drama 2000 France (MA asv)
A shocking and powerful film about violence, gangs and love on the poorer streets of Paris. 
30/10 at 8.30 PM | MAIN FEATURE
  | The King Is Dancing - Drama 2000 France (MA sna)
A lavish and decadent, bodice ripping visual and musical feast, set in the court of King Louis XIV. 
30/10 at 10.25 PM | DOUBLE BILL
  | The Return Of Martin Guerre - Drama 1982 France (M sv)
A young man who abandoned his pregnant child-bride eight years ago has returned. Or has he?